National Equipment Rental- Trucking Company

Command has developed a great partnership with us and has always been a pleasure to work with. They provide quality background checks in a very efficient manner. The whole experience with Command has always been great, and I encourage anyone needing investigative services to choose Command.

California waste and recycling collection company

Since starting to work with Command, they have been responsive and attentive. They will recommend things I may have missed or wouldn’t have thought of. The whole team at Command has been great and gotten great video for us.

Regional Defense Attorney Firm

Command is always a pleasure to work with. I have been doing workers' compensation for a long time and they are prompt in responding to my immediate requests and have exceeded  expectations. They always provide exemplary customer service as well. Keep up the great work as always!

Regional TPA

Command is nothing short of top-notch. Impeccable service. Outstanding work product. There is no better investigation firm. I have presented many challenges and Command continues to eagerly jump at the opportunity to help in any way possible, going above and beyond. Truly, second to none!

National TPA

I just had an assignment completed by Command and I have been so impressed with their communication and quick response. In this business we don't always share enough positive feedback, so I wanted to make sure I let you guys know how great you have been, especially accommodating such a short notice request. I appreciate the high-end customer service!

Public Entity TPA

Command excels at delivering exceptional results to aid in the facilitation of positive claim results. Their team members are responsive, knowledgeable and full of suggestions, which is always appreciated. I have been very impressed and would highly recommend them.

Global TPA

Command is my go-to investigation firm. I have been very happy with the service from the entire team. Very accessible by email and phone, and timely status reports.

Regional Attorney Firm

Command Investigations has never ceased to impress us in the years we have used their investigation services for our pre-suit and litigation needs. We use Command exclusively for all of our firm matters because of the fantastic service they provide. Their team members are excellent, reliable, efficient and effective. Thanks so much for everything you do.

Public Entity TPA

I've had the pleasure of working with the Command team for over 15 years. They have always excelled in their level of service and have gone above and beyond to accommodate any special requests. The team is extremely professional. They are absolute leaders in the industry and I look forward to our continued relationship for many more years.

Global Claims Solutions & Risk Management

I have been in the industry for eight years and have been on many different accounts with different investigation companies. Command is by far the best that I've worked with, mainly because they feel like a part of our team, which is really needed. They are my choice for all rush assignments as I know without a doubt that they will pull through and get me the information I need in a timely manner. I'm recommending them to as many clients as I can.

Regional Sheriff's Office

I've been so impressed with Command's services, and its level of exemplary customer service and expertise. The level of detail and attention I receive doing a case is not only impressive but commendable. Their professionalism in claim handling makes them my go-to when I need surveillance. I would highly recommend them to all my colleagues.

National Defense Attorney

Command excels in reducing claim exposure through innovative investigation techniques. They came highly recommended to us and we have used their services with amazing results. They are extremely responsive with every request we have, take the time to explain their advanced technology and processes, and are hands-on helping us and our clients defend our California workers' compensation cases.

National Insurance Company

Command has a great staff. They are attentive and quick to respond to concerns and questions. I can count on Command to give 100% on each assignment. Command stands behind their promise and that's important and valuable to my files.

Global TPA

Command has done a great job of compiling a great team of professionals all around. They are highly accommodating to the needs of their clients and they are always willing to step up when urgent matters arise. This is extremely important for our day to day claims handling to help mitigate exposure and assist in bringing these files to an overall resolution.

Global Insurer

Command Investigations is a trusted partner that goes above and beyond to provide strong and consistent results for their clients. Their willingness to achieve goals and meet demands of the customer is unparalleled, and their investigators are the best in the industry.

Global TPA

The claims that have been referred to Command have been handled expeditiously. I always receive a call or email from someone with an update either at the time of surveillance or shortly after, even before the complete work is done. They will always check to see if additional services are needed. It is a pleasure working with Command.

City Attorney's Office

I have been working with Steve and his team before there was a Command, since at least the early 2000’s. In true form, he has again created a team of professionals that is knowledgeable, creative, and most importantly, responsive. As in-house counsel for a self-insured municipality, I do not trust anyone else with our sensitive work.

Global Telecommunications Employer

Command Investigations has consistently provided prompt, reliable and effective services to my team, consistently ensuring client expectations are surpassed.

Regional Attorney Firm

We are proud to call Command Investigations a business partner, a firm that we can count on to assist us in efficiently and effectively resolving our client’s claims, both pre and post filing of a lawsuit. The speed of delivery and completeness of their work product has been instrumental in getting the leverage that we required to resolve claims, and often resolve them within the price point acceptable to our clients. Command is the one and only investigation firm that we work with!

Regional Defense Attorney Firm

I have had the pleasure of working with Command Investigations on many litigated workers’ compensation claims. Recently, Command provided investigative and surveillance services on a high exposure case. It was a very difficult assignment due to the placement of the subject’s home and his lack of activity. The case ultimately went to trial on fraud, based in significant part on the video obtained by Command. Command’s investigator testified at trial and was very well-prepared, withstanding a thorough cross-examination. The trial resulted in a completely favorable verdict. The potential savings over the future life of the claim totaled over $500,000.00 in future medical costs including at least two operations. The potential exposure for future indemnity benefits was around the same amount. The case could easily have gone the other way without the hard work of Command’s investigators. On a more general note, I have always found their website reliable and easy to use, their staff responsive, and the quality of their video top-notch. They were one of the first vendors I worked with to provide instant access to video online, and from a technology standpoint, they are usually ahead of the game. I am pleased whenever I see them involved in a case, as I know they will make my job easier. Keep up the good work!

Global TPA

Command Investigations has been great to work with. The expertise level at Command is excellent. I can always trust Command to stay within the designated budget and provide solid and quality results.

National TPA to Commercial Carriers & Self Insureds

As an adjuster who utilizes Command's services in my day-to-day claims handling, I can say their system complements the adjuster’s work load and makes life easier. Command Investigations is a "one-stop-shop" that uses many alternative methods of investigations such as nationwide surveillance, sometimes employing two or more experienced investigators for better success, background checks, social media checks, alive and well checks, etc., among their other many services. We have availed these different services with very good results which definitely impacted our claims. In fact, some claims have evolved into good settlements with great cost effectiveness. One of the most unique features I particularly like in their clear and comprehensive reports is the quick and easy access built-in technology feature that allows me to view the surveillance video by simply clicking on the "red buttons" on the report itself. In essence, even though I am impressed with their effective investigative methods and great customer service, I would think not much elaborate testimony is needed from me as clearly Command Investigations' great surveillance results undoubtedly speak for themselves!

Regional TPA

My experience with Command has been awesome when it comes to surveillance. Example, my injured worker stated that he could not work and was not working so surveillance was set-up and Command immediately caught the injured worker working when he's on a no work status. If you want a great turnaround with surveillance, hire Command, who is 'lurking for fraudulent workers' and will capture them in the act. Thanks!

Regional TPA

When it comes to surveillance, Command Investigations is the preferred company & partner. I am always excited to see what they uncover as they are exceptionally resourceful and never leave a stone unturned. Communication with Command is always stress-free, and that is part of what they strive for, along with their amazing efforts in what they do. Thank you for a job well done!

Public Entity TPA

I have a caseload of questionable complex claims and I seek any/all valuable resources to mitigate our exposure. Surveillance is an excellent tool if and only if the correct strategy is in place. Command does a phenomenal job of consulting with me to ensure that we achieve the best outcome possible. Their updates are timely and they take the lead on further recommendations to move the claim in a different direction if warranted. I, as well as my clients, are extremely pleased with their work product, and would highly recommend them to provide the same exceptional service to you.

Global TPA

Command Investigations are leaders in the risk control industry and are the Rolls Royce of investigation companies. They consistently provide quality investigations, reports, and results. I highly recommend this company.

National Employer

Thank you Command Investigations for a job well done! Claimants "moving day" video will go down in history as one of the best "captures ever." This particular claimant has a significant medical history, and was on SSDI prior to the incident; his attorney made a $800K plus demand, alleging permanent disability and need for subsequent surgeries, however moving day videos shows him lifting chairs, boxes, and of course my favorite, "the perpendicular shot" of him pushing the dresser up the moving ramp should be my screen saver! You will be my "go to" guys! Thanks again.

National Defense Attorney

I have worked with Rich and Taylor at Command Investigations for several years on various accounts, and have always found them to provide excellent service at a resonable price. Command Investigations is a full-service company that is always thorough, ethical and highly responsive to the needs of their clients. I highly recommend this company for all of your investigative needs.

National Auto Insurer

Command, great job on this investigation, this will be very useful for our case.

National Staffing Company

Command is without a doubt the most responsive investigative partner we have ever used. The quality of the service they perform and knowledge of their surveillance team has generated unbelievable results, saving our company a great deal of money. Command has consistently been on point. Keep up the great work!

State Investigator

Your investigation has excellent prosecution potential and the identifying photographs and video are some of the best I've seen in years. Excellent work deserves praise.

Regional Hospital & Medical Care Provider

Thanks to great lines of communication and their vast efforts toward client satisfaction, Command has performed yet another great success in retaining high-quality surveillance. We appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that they continue to display toward our clients. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them and we will definitely continue to do so.

Global Claims Management Company

I just wanted to let everyone know that we all shut this case down with great cost savings of tens of thousands of dollars based upon your surveillance results.

Approximate cost savings as follow:
Surgery - $7,500
Indemnity - $9,620
Therapy - $3,000
Medication - $1,000
Follow-up doctor visits - $1,500
Rating (5%) - $3,006

Total cost savings of above $25,626.
Great job Command...
We have so many good days of surveillance on him. Keep up the good work.

National TPA

Obtaining recorded statements when there is a language barrier can be difficult as well as time consuming. Many farm workers do not have personal phones or permanent addresses and the only place to contact them may be on the jobsite. Command's bilingual investigator is my go-to guy for obtaining recorded statements in these situations. Not only do I trust him to obtain the necessary information, he has become a familiar name and face on several farms, which puts the direct employers and employees at ease and promotes a more open exchange of information.

National TPA

Command Investigations is fantastic! They provide outstanding customer service and are able to deliver fantastic results even when given short notice. There is no other company I will use!

Public Entity TPA

My experience with Command Investigations has been that everyone has been very professional and helpful. The investigators will call and/or email with updates and if they have any concerns, will contact the adjuster to advise. I have had the great privilege of working with both Rich and Taylor and they always make sure that the adjuster is satisfied with the work being done.

Public Entity TPA

I just want to tell you how great it is working with Command. I really appreciate that your service is so quick and you always make sure you get me exactly what I need. I love doing business with you guys. Keep up the great work!

National Retailer

With all the competition in the surveillance and investigative arena it should be hard to find a company that stands out above the rest, but one always does. That company is Command Investigations. The account managers are hard-working and readily available, always coming through on the quality of service they promise. The results from the field investigators never disappoint which can be verified by the amount of arrests their surveillance has let to. Whenever someone asks for a recommendation on which company to use, Command comes to mind every single time.

Regional Commercial Litigation Firm

Command is simply the best of the best. I have never worked with a vendor so professional and timely with results and customer service oriented.

National TPA

Command gives us RESULTS other competitors can't touch. Very friendly, responsive, with a vast menu of services. Why use anyone else?

City Employer

I've had exceptional service from Command, and I've enjoyed a surprisingly continuous communication effort on their part, making the surveillance process seem effortless. Great group of folks, and I highly recommend them.

Regional TPA

Command does a great job! They are thorough and results are better than the competition. Chris S. and Steve are so helpful and respond to inquiries very quickly.

National PEO Company

We started using Command Investigations in 2014 and have been extremely pleased with their service. Command's Customer Service is excellent and their technology is the best I have seen. Their investigators are proactive and creative. They get results!

Regional Underwriter

The service that I receive from the Command staff is top notch. Their product is professional, detailed and always timely. It’s not uncommon for me to task them with seemingly impossible expectations. The team goes above and beyond to ensure that I have the information I need when I need it. Keep up the great work!

Global Claims Management Company

Command Investigations has always gone the extra mile to ensure the task at hand is completed. Their suggestions for continued results and the wide range of services they offer make them my go to choice whenever I need a case investigated.

Regional PEO

It has been very rewarding having Command Investigations as our investigative partner. The professionalism, results and service over the past few years have not wavered since day one. Thanks Command for doing such a great job and staying true to your word from the day we were introduced.  Recommending Command Investigations is simple when you are doing such great work.

Regional Defense Attorney

You guys do an excellent job with your email and online presence.  It is quite impressive and one that sets a bar to emulate. We are pleased to have Command Investigations as a resource for our clients.

Global Claims Management Company

It is with total confidence that I can recommend Command Investigations to my accounts and clients.  Their professionalism ranks high above the norm.   The customer service and timeliness of assignments continue to astonish me.  Command Investigations delivers results!

National TPA

Tears and absolute happiness and joy…..this surveillance is GOLDEN.  If you only knew how horrible this has been to date, you’d understand how amazingly good this video Command got is for us.

Educational Risk Retention Pool

I would recommend Command to any company wishing to have quality, reliable investigations completed on their claims.  I have known the management team at Command Investigations for many years and have no doubt of their expertise in the investigations' arena. We recently settled a claim, in which we used surveillance from Command, and had a claims savings of approximately $60,000.  Throughout the course of our partnership with Command, we have had claims savings of many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

National Risk Management Solutions Company

We have been working with Command for over a year now, and I am always impressed by their knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to performing quality work. We work closely with Larry Dodd, who is a wonderful resource to us in our fraud investigations and a pleasure to work with. Command Investigations is a great asset to any insurance claims department.

Regional Defense Attorney Firm

In 23 years of defense practice, I have never had a surveillance company get such case breaking results, so consistently.  I have actually grown to expect it.  You are my go to and I recommend Command to all of my clients.  Keep up the great work!

Regional Claims Defense Attorney

The team at Command are top-notch. They are quick to respond to your needs. I have been working with them for many years and consider them to be my “GO-TO” investigators. If there is information to find, Command will find it. Thanks!

National Staffing Company

Command Investigations is our exclusive investigation company in Florida and Georgia for all of our Workers' Compensation needs. Their surveillance team is top notch, and the videos they have obtained of our employees have led to our workers being released from a no work status to a full duty release with a 0% rating. We will continue to use their services due to the excellent results they provide.

Regional Claims Administration Services Co

Command does a very nice job for us. They are very timely with the referrals and move forward with the assignments in a timely manner. They provide us with written updates and ask questions when appropriate.

Global TPA

I have worked with Command Investigations for several years. The quality of work has only gotten better with time. I would recommend them to anyone - they have stood the test of time. They provide you with quality work, not just something to get you by.

Global TPA

My experience with Command Investigations has been nothing but positive. The ease of making referrals is fantastic. I've had a couple of rush situations in which Command responded immediately and took care of the assignments. Thank you for all of your hard work, it is very much appreciated.

Commercial Kitchen

We highly recommend Command. I believe we absolutely get the most bang for our buck and their investigators are incredibly proactive and on top of every investigation. I highly recommend Command without any reservations whatsoever, both for efficiency and cost. An amazing investigative team!

Regional TPA

I love working with you all.  Great team at Command! Every one of the employees are wonderful to deal with.

National Staffing Company

Command has earned the honor of being our “GO TO” company for surveillance and investigations. They understand that time is money in our industry. We need quick responses, timely reports and occasional RUSH jobs. Their investigators are known for producing the results that will assist with our efforts in identifying fraudulent activity.

Command has always come through for us with the highest degree of professionalism and we look forward to using their services for all of our investigative needs in the future.

National Risk Management Solutions Company

My experience with Command on our most recent case was phenomenal. We were provided copies of the background check and social media sweep well before we anticipated and the reports were outstanding. I really appreciated the personal call after the initial day of surveillance.

National Grocer

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the help you have given me on my claims.  Command has been quick to send me updates and your investigators have been able to get us some great footage.  Thanks again, I truly appreciate it.

National Furniture Retailer

Command is quick to respond to requests for surveillance. Called on a Friday night and they were on it Saturday morning. Thanks!

Global TPA

Command Investigations provides quality work and customer service that has assisted in major cost savings and reduction of my claims inventory.  They have assisted me by providing leads with their medical canvasses, activity checks, and social media monitoring services, and have been useful in bringing down negotiation values, in some instances $20,000 or $50,000 in settlement.  Their sub rosa material is also excellent, because unlike others they provide time worthy and clear video as evidence.  My experience with Command has been nothing but excellent. They respond to my requests promptly and ensure that I am receiving quality material timely.  I will continue to recommend Command Investigations to current and future clients.

National Staffing Agency

I have utilized the services of Command Investigations as the investigators for numerous litigated cases nationwide. I have been very satisfied with the results of their investigations and surveillance tapes produced. Their investigation reports are well prepared and professional looking. They are not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions. I would recommend the use of Command Investigations to anyone in need of their services.

Global Claims Management Company

I have had the pleasure to work with Rich and Steve for the past 10 years. The Command team always produces excellent results and customer service which indeed sets them apart from the average investigative company. I look forward to working with Command Investigations for many more years.

Full Service Defense Attorney

I was excited to hear that Command Investigations was back in the industry.  As a defense lawyer, I know that surveillance and investigation can play an important role in the defense of a claim.  I have gone to many final hearings; wherein, the surveillance was the key evidence used to deny a claim.  I know that with Command on the claim the investigation will be handled professionally and thoroughly.  I can always rely on Command to be a critical part of the team and to deliver excellent results.  I always recommend Command to my clients.

Claims Adjuster

You are the best in the business!! I needed to have surveillance done within one hour of the assignment.   You said, NO PROBLEM…WE ARE ON IT. You not only were there at the designated time, you delivered great footage. I am pleased beyond words.  Great Job!!

US Life Insurance Company

I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the excellent services you have always provided. Having been associated with you and your company for many years, I can honestly say you are the "best" in the business. Your customer service is extremely reliable and the results have been unbelievable! Rest assured we will continue to utilize the services of Command Investigations and recommend you to our business associates.

Regional Workers Compensation Insurance Carrier

I have worked with and known the Command staff for more than six years. We have found that their SIU, surveillance and other investigative products are the finest within the industry. This organization has developed both the technology and staff to surpass our investigative needs.

Southeast Personnel

Having worked closely with Steve and his staff for over 5 years, their expertise, customer service and quality of work is excellent. They have always been there for us, regardless of the special requests or short notice that we may have given them.  There is not a better company out there, they are great.

Senior Claims Adjuster

After working with the Command Investigative staff for over 10 years, I am still amazed at the exceptional quality of work and customer service. The quality of work from this organization surpasses industry standards and the technology is always ahead of the curve. I look forward to many more years of using Command’s Investigative services.

National TPA

I have worked with Steve Cassell and his team for nearly ten years.  We have always been impressed with Command’s staff, technology, superior results and service.  They are leaders within their industry.

Regional Underwriter

I have worked with the staff at Command for over a decade and find their customer service to be exceptional. They truly understand the sense of urgency needed in our line of business. They are accessible, provide quality results and are effective problem solvers.

WC Claims Director

For the past 11 years, I have worked with Rich and his staff at various levels of my career. Not once have I doubted their professionalism, quality of work and service. I look forward to a continued relationship in the future.  Thank you for your commitment and dependable service with professional results.

Regional TPA

Working with Steve and his team for over 14 years I can say without any hesitation the quality of his investigative services are second to none. He stands behind his product with true integrity and professionalism.

National Commercial Insurance Carrier

I have worked with Steve Cassell and Rich Perri for almost 10 years and they have proven that they “walk their talk”.  They recognize the sense of urgency required in handling workers compensation matters and collaborate with our adjusters to obtain the best results possible.

Command Investigations is a top tier private investigation company that specializes in surveillance and remote surveillance, desktop intelligence investigations, special investigations unit cases, and array of other investigative services for the insurance defense community.
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