We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of investigative services, tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Each service is rendered with utmost precision and care, ensuring thoroughness and confidentiality.


Enhance your investigations with our in person surveillance service, led by experienced, licensed investigators providing discreet, mobile surveillance. Our agile personnel expertly follow subjects and adapt to location changes, ensuring you never miss crucial details in your pursuit of truth.

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Remote Surveillance

Elevate your investigations with our 24/7 remote surveillance service, featuring discreet, camouflaged cameras designed by a former CIA operative. With geo-locators and versatile deployment options, never miss a detail in even the most complex cases.

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Field Investigations

Our team of licensed investigators excels in diverse investigative activities, from recorded statements and scene investigations to evidence gathering and interviews. Specializing in areas such as workers' compensation, subrogation, asbestos, and rent board investigations, we bring clarity and precision to your most challenging cases.

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We offer comprehensive medical canvassing, DMV searches, criminal and civil record reviews, asset and employment checks, and detailed background investigations. Our expert team conducts social media analysis, SSN validation, and professional license verifications, providing you with actionable insights while ensuring precision and confidentiality.

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SIU & Anti-Fraud

Our specialized SIU/Anti-Fraud program offers a holistic and effective approach including consulting, training, and compliance, complemented by a leading restitution management program. Our seamlessly integrated services ensure a robust anti-fraud strategy to protect your interests.

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CEU/CLE Training

We offer meticulously curated training sessions providing Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Continuing Legal Education (CLE) tailored for our industry. Stay informed and ahead, ensuring your skills are up to date and aligned with industry standards.

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Vendor Management

Streamline your operations with our Vendor Management services, a one-stop solution for expertly managing third-party vendors with consolidated reporting and pricing. Our proven systems simplify vendor relationships, ensuring seamless, efficient, and easy interactions.

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Litigated Services

Tailored for those in prelitigation or active litigation, we provide top-notch investigative and subpoena services, prompt delivery of summons, and complaints, alongside Continuing Legal Education offerings. Navigate litigation complexities with confidence, supported by our expert services.

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Speciality Services

Leverage Command Investigations’ niche expertise in Asbestos, Toxic Tort and Rent Control, not just in heavily regulated CA but throughout the US and abroad.

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Command Investigations is a top tier private investigation company that specializes in surveillance and remote surveillance, desktop intelligence investigations, special investigations unit cases, and array of other investigative services for the insurance defense community.
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