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Leverage Command Investigations’ niche history and expertise in Asbestos and Toxic Tort.

Let our investigative experts support you in the defense of claims related to Asbestos, Talc, Pesticides, PFAS, Cosmetics and other Toxic Tort exposures. Our investigations contribute to early and reduced settlements.

Leverage Our Experts

We are your trusted expert in heavily regulated California, including Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act and San Fransisco I.2I Ordinance. Our specialists in these areas have provided testimony in hundreds of matters before local Rent Boards, throughout the United States and abroad with positive outcomes.



Asbestos/Toxic Tort

With over two decades of expertise in Asbestos & Toxic Tort Litigation, we provide investigative action plans and services that address both product identification claims and alternative exposure theories. Leverage our wealth of experience throughout the US.

Rent Control Investigation

Since 2009, our clients rely on our extensive tenant evidence collection, comprehensive and timely reporting, and expert testimony to support in litigation.

Litigation Support

Partner with licensed subject matter experts, experienced in all aspects of court testimony to strengthen your position. See our litigated services here.

Litigated Services

Put our experience to work for you

Command Investigations is a top tier private investigation company that specializes in surveillance and remote surveillance, desktop intelligence investigations, special investigations unit cases, and array of other investigative services for the insurance defense community.
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