Surveillance with experienced investigators

Enhance your investigations with Command's human surveillance service, ensuring every detail is captured discreetly and efficiently by licensed and experienced investigators.

We excel in providing surveillance solutions driven by our team of extremely experienced, licensed investigators. Focused on discretion and mobility, our "boots on the ground" investigators are experts at following subjects and swiftly adapting to changing locations. Whether a bustling cityscape or a quiet rural area, our surveillance service ensures that no critical detail escapes our watchful eyes, bringing insight and clarity to your investigations.

Experienced Personnel

Our team deploys licensed investigators with years of experience in discreetly tracking and documenting subjects.

Agility and Adaptability

Our investigators are trained to adapt to rapidly changing scenarios, ensuring consistent surveillance regardless of location changes and challenges.

Discreet Observation

Maintaining discretion, our investigators capture the necessary evidence without compromising the integrity of the investigation.

Comprehensive Reporting

Receive detailed and precise reports, ensuring all observed activities are meticulously and factually documented.

Nationwide Reach

Our traditional surveillance services extend across the United States, offering a consistent approach regardless of geography.

Client-Centric Approach

We tailor our surveillance strategies to meet your specific investigative needs, ensuring optimal results every time.

Put our experience to work for you

Command Investigations is a top tier private investigation company that specializes in surveillance and remote surveillance, desktop intelligence investigations, special investigations unit cases, and array of other investigative services for the insurance defense community.
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