Remote Surveillance

Remote Surveillance

Document activity 24 hours a day with Remote Surveillance!


When to use Remote?

Case by case when circumstances are appropriate

Limited information available

Limited/ no activity observed during manned surveillance

Evening activity is suspected

Creative deployments in diverse communities

Savvy claimants, investigator compromise

Collect long term documentation of claimant

Home attendant care investigation

Clinic investigations


Why would you use Remote?

Strategic alternative when manned surveillance is a challenge

Valuable additional resource to verify residence, ID claimant, vehicle and known associates

Manned surveillance can be scheduled when pattern of claimant activity is learned

Used in combination with manned surveillance to cover multiple locations, off hours

Surveillance can continue remotely if/ when claimant becomes aware of manned surveillance

Assists in documenting multiple claimants simultaneously



Uninterrupted 24-hour recording; includes manipulation of camera, change of focus, and more

Vehicle mounted camera and/ or 2 meter box configurations for secure, legal deployment

5-day plus battery pack

4k camera; includes pan, tilt, zoom, and low-light capability



Maintain investigative integrity in difficult locations

Establishes pattern of activity

Builds foundation for next step of investigation

Coverage of multiple entrances/exits

Quality assurance of provider network

Compliments manned surveillance investigation