Testimonial: Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A.

I have had the pleasure of working with Command Investigations on many litigated workers’ compensation claims. Recently, Command provided investigative and surveillance services on a high exposure case. It was a very difficult assignment due to the placement of the subject’s home and his lack of activity. The case ultimately went to trial on fraud, based in significant part on the video obtained by Command. Command’s investigator testified at trial and was very well-prepared, withstanding a thorough cross-examination. The trial resulted in a completely favorable verdict. The potential savings over the future life of the claim totaled over $500,000.00 in future medical costs including at least two operations. The potential exposure for future indemnity benefits was around the same amount. The case could easily have gone the other way without the hard work of Command’s investigators. On a more general note, I have always found their website reliable and easy to use, their staff responsive, and the quality of their video top-notch. They were one of the first vendors I worked with to provide instant access to video online, and from a technology standpoint, they are usually ahead of the game. I am pleased whenever I see them involved in a case, as I know they will make my job easier. Keep up the good work!

— Neil Ambekar, Esquire