AZ: 1728551
AR: CMPY.0003344
CA: PI29059
CT: A-2955
DE: 19-213-A
FL: A1000232
GA: PDC002655
IL: 117.001919/115.002772
IN: PI22100025
IA: PI00291
KS: A-5959
KY: 271759
LA: 9440-103018-LA
MD: 23PLU-PD30846
MA: LP1489A
MI: 3701208223
MN: 2374
NH: M-2023-0780
NJ: 9620
NM: TPI3411
NY: 11000211562
NC: 348993
OH: 20192100301747
OK: 0189815-IA000135
PA: MCPD 233
SC: 1781
TN: 2353
TX: A10563001
UT: P111951
VA: 11-19576
WA: 603279962
WV: 71994

Command Investigations is a top tier private investigation company that specializes in surveillance and remote surveillance, desktop intelligence investigations, special investigations unit cases, and array of other investigative services for the insurance defense community.
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