Testimonial: United Self Insured Services (USIS)

As an adjuster who utilizes Command’s services in my day-to-day claims handling, I can say their system complements the adjuster’s work load and makes life easier. Command Investigations is a “one-stop-shop” that uses many alternative methods of investigations such as nationwide surveillance, sometimes employing two or more experienced investigators for better success, background checks, social media checks, alive and well checks, etc., among their other many services. We have availed these different services with very good results which definitely impacted our claims. In fact, some claims have evolved into good settlements with great cost effectiveness. One of the most unique features I particularly like in their clear and comprehensive reports is the quick and easy access built-in technology feature that allows me to view the surveillance video by simply clicking on the “red buttons” on the report itself. In essence, even though I am impressed with their effective investigative methods and great customer service, I would think not much elaborate testimony is needed from me as clearly Command Investigations’ great surveillance results undoubtedly speak for themselves!

— Marian DeJong, Claims Representative