SIU & Anti-Fraud Programming

SIU Icon ResizedA Regulatory Necessity!

With more than 25 years of combined experience within the SIU and law-enforcement communities, Command continues to lead the industry with proven and quantified performance metrics for claim savings, arrests, convictions and enforceable restitution orders.

Command’s comprehensive national SIU & anti-fraud program incorporates on-site personnel, in-house SIU compliance training and dedicated relationships with state criminal investigators and prosecutors.

Command’s SIU & anti-fraud platform validates the proprietary investigative processes and methodologies that are employed daily by its investigators.


  • Multi State Approved Anti-Fraud Plans
  • Regulatory Compliance Management & Reporting
  • SIU Compliance Training (On-Line & CEU Accredited)
  • Restitution Management Program™
  • State Fraud Bureau & Law Enforcement Liaison
  • On-Site Consultation
  • Pro-Active Anti-Fraud Educational Program
  • Proven & Quantified Performance Metrics