Social Media Profile

Social Media Profile

Social Media Profile is a proprietary investigative platform that searches and examines the Internet for relevant information pertaining to your subject’s social media activities.

Our investigators identify, sort and organize data points that may be impactful to your investigations.

The data points we collect help reveal a claimant’s present or future activities and allow you to schedule surveillance at a time with the highest likelihood of activity.

Throughout the process, we systematically filter and analyze billions of publicly available records and identify social media, e-commerce, and other exposures related to your claimant.

Then, our Social Media Profile reports are reviewed by senior social media investigative analysts to ensure you are presented with accurate, timely and relevant information.


Social Media Profile features:

Analyzes billions of social media, e-commerce and other Internet exposures

Guaranteed Service Program™ – 5 business day turnaround time

Presented in an easy-to-read format