Social Media Preservation

Social Media Preservation

Do you know how your digital evidence is collected and what standards are followed in the process?

Electronically stored information and data captured from the Internet requires the use of specific authentication protocols to be admissible in courts.

We use Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to identify evidentiary-quality information from webpages and social media. Metadata and source codes are collected and secured with a 256-bit hash algorithm, as required by the Federal Rules of Evidence (901).

In addition, digital signatures and timestamps are placed on all captured files to meet court-evidentiary standards. As a result, collected evidence has the proven integrity to be admissible in court.

In today’s digital environment of people communicating and living vicariously online, it is crucial to capture and preserve electronic evidence. Our social media preservations surpass all digital evidence collection standards for future litigation.

Remember, an individual’s digital footprint is perishable and can be removed or altered anytime. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture and preserve this information.