Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring provides you with continuous, 24/7 monitoring of a claimant’s individual social media updates and posts.

For the first time, you are empowered to make proactive decisions based upon real-time social media data. Social Media Monitoring truly takes Social Media Profile investigations up a notch.

You are provided with endless opportunities to coordinate surveillance based on real-time social media posts, you can monitor an entire population of PTD claimants for social media updates or you can monitor claimants who have historically been active social media users.

Customers who have used Social Media Monitoring have seen a 250% increase in impactful surveillance video obtained on their claimants.

Innovative. Insightful. Informative.

Social Media Monitoring Features:

Social Media Monitoring increases surveillance results by 60%

Timely notification of social media activity

Ability to proactively react based on relevant and timely social media updates

Coordination of surveillance using real-time social media activity