iNQuest™ Medical Canvasses

iNQuest™ Medical Canvasses

iNQuest™ medical canvasses are complex examinations requiring vetted and proven investigative methodologies that consistently deliver comprehensive, fast and reliable results.

Medical canvasses are routinely employed in an effort to identify any pre-existing injuries that occurred prior to a claimant’s date of loss.

Our iNQuest™ medical canvasses provide you with a detailed overview of a claimant’s past medical treatment history.

The following differentiators make us your clear choice:

All iNQuest™ canvasses are conducted by licensed investigators

Guaranteed Services Program™ – Every canvass is completed in 5 business days or less

100% accurate identification of all facilities

Subject’s past addresses are cross-referenced

Any ‘no-hit’ response triggers a follow-up inquiry

Easy-to-read reports are formatted in a color-coded grid

You receive notification of affirmative ‘hits’ to facilitate the record retrieval process

We offer national coverage with competitive pricing

We are the only investigative company that uses dedicated, in-house licensed background investigators to conduct canvasses.


Below are the most routinely conducted canvasses: