Background Investigations

Background Investigations

Background investigations provide insight into an individual’s past that otherwise may never be known, and are provided at local, state and national levels.

All of our background investigations are performed by full-time, in-house investigators who are licensed under the Private Detective Act, Florida Statute 493.

Every report encompasses an individual’s history regardless of past resident addresses, and reporting is provided in a logical format that clearly shows a wide range of information.

What separates us:

Guaranteed Services Program™ – all investigations are completed in 5 business days

All background investigations are performed by full-time licensed investigators

Every report is completely vetted with confirmed and regulated data

You are contacted to determine if any identified records need to be retrieved

Investigations may Include:

Criminal records

Civil dockets

Asset analysis & identification

Pre-employment investigations

Complete motor vehicle reporting

Subject profiling

Complete database services

Past employment

Individual hobbies & activities

Professional licenses

Business interests

Judgments & liens