Private Investigators in the Northeast U.S.

We offer private investigations in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware area, with a specialty in workers’ compensation and liability claims.

Our services include surveillance, activity checks, medical canvasses, social media investigations, background investigations, social media preservations, recorded statements and AOE/COE.

We only hire full-time private investigators who are licensed and insured throughout the Northeast U.S. We have former government and military personnel and bilingual investigators, so we are prepared to investigate all types of claims.

Why Investigate?

A thorough workers’ comp investigation can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars saved on a claim. Hiring an investigation company to determine the activity level of a claimant can help you understand the legitimacy of a claim and can help you confirm or deny any suspicions you might have. For those reasons, it’s important to hire an investigation company that efficiently and effectively works your assignment from start to finish.

Have You Tried A Medical Canvass?

If you are looking to learn more about a claimant’s medical history, a medical canvass is the perfect answer. A canvass provides you information about a subject’s past medical history and may notify you of procedures and appointments a subject had prior to their date of loss.

Social Media Investigations Save Money

A social media investigation dives deep into a claimant’s social media profiles to figure out if a claimant is posting pictures or doing activities that are beyond their stated limitations. Our social media investigations cover Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other emerging social media platforms.

Interested in something we find out about your claimant during our investigation? We can preserve all evidence we find and provide you with our results in a document that is court approved and court admissible. Screenshots don’t provide concrete evidence in the legal process, so it’s important to use a court-ready process to save evidence on a claimant.