Melanie Mrozek

Melanie Mrozek has been working in the area of Management for over 20 years and in the field of investigations for over ten years.

As the Vice President of Corporate Affairs of Command Investigations, Mrozek is responsible for overseeing daily office operations, quality assurance of all investigative assignments, maintaining licensing compliance and continuing education of all investigative staff, and establishing human resources policies and procedures.

Prior to Command Investigations, Melanie Mrozek worked for RSight Investigations, Inc. for over ten years.  Mrozek served in a variety of rolls to include Staff Trainer, Investigative Quality Assurance, Corporate Administrative Manager and License Compliance Manager.

Before joining RSight, Mrozek worked for a world renowned publishing company as a Sales Support Manager.  She began in the Trade Text Sales Division and was promoted to the largest division of the company, Medical Textbook Sales.  Mrozek was then assigned to an acquisition team where she played a pivotal role in the training and reorganization of a large support staff across the United States as the company expanded as a global industry publisher.

Melanie Mrozek holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Florida, where she majored in Telecommunication Operations.  Currently Melanie resides in Orlando, Florida with her husband and two children.