Johns Eastern Company Announces SIU & Anti-Fraud Program Statistics for 2014-2015 Fiscal Year

March 11, 2016. Sarasota, Florida – Johns Eastern Company, Inc. and its SIU & Anti-Fraud Programming partner, Command Investigations, LLC are pleased to report their FY 2014-2015 SIU & Anti-Fraud Department results.

Based upon the reporting data provided by the Florida Department of Financial Services and the Division of Insurance Fraud/Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Fraud 2016 Annual Report, the SIU partnership between Johns Eastern Company and Command Investigations is credited with the following statistics:

  • 32 State Fraud Submissions
  • 11 Open State Criminal Investigations
  • 2 Arrests
  • 16 Open State Submittals Currently Under Investigation

“We believe that a robust SIU & Anti-Fraud Department is not only statutorily required, but also a necessity to   ensure that our clients are receiving the absolute best fraud abatement services available,” said Beverly Adkins, Executive Vice President of Johns Eastern Company.

“Our ability to identify, investigate and report suspect claims is an integrated process within the JECO culture.

We rely on our SIU Department as a complementary resource, in addition to our existing quality claims review processes.  Command played a crucial role in our FY 2014-2015 successes, and we look forward to what we can accomplish together in the future.”

As JECO’s SIU Department, Command Investigations works very closely with our staff to identify suspect claims, and to follow-up on these potentially fraudulent activities with further investigation.  If enough evidence exists to make a determination of fraud, a statutorily required referral is made with the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF).

Command Investigations is also available to provide other services, including surveillance, background checks, investigative canvasses, field investigations and social media monitoring (Claims Buzz™, Claims Buzz Monitoring™).

“Command is incredibly pleased to have served as Johns Eastern Company’s SIU & Anti-Fraud partner for another year,” said Steve Cassell, President and CEO of Command Investigations.

“As with any service business, we must constantly prove our worth and show the return we provide on investigative investment.  Based upon the performance demonstrated over FY 2014-2015, we could not be happier with our partnership with JECO.  We look forward to working alongside Johns Eastern for many more years, and are confident that we will continue to provide them with measurable investigative results and superior service.”

For over 69 years, Johns Eastern Company has solved thousands of risk-related claims problems, yet one thing has remained, and will remain constant – our pledge to serve our clients with the utmost integrity, experience and results.

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Command Investigations, LLC is the preferred provider of Surveillance, SIU and Anti-Fraud programming to P&C Carriers, self-insured entities and third-party administrators. National cost containment solutions also include Claims Buzz™ social media investigations, background checks and investigative canvasses, all backed by Command’s Guaranteed Service Program™. For more information, please visit