Command Featured as Keynote Speaker at Statewide Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT) Annual Meeting

FLOC-Speaking-GraphicJuly 27, 2018. Command recently spoke at the annual meeting of the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust (FMIT) in Key Biscayne, Florida, which coincided with the beginning of the Florida Municipal Attorneys Association (FMAA) seminar.

The presentation was centered on how social media investigations can be successful in strategic surveillance scheduling, and how combining these investigations can be extremely beneficial in defending liability claims.

Several case studies were showcased, including claims where the combination of surveillance and social media investigations each led to significant claim savings.

Additional topics included evidentiary approved digital media preservation methods, surveillance pitfalls, trespass and other investigative legal boundaries.

The Florida League of Cities, administrator of the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust, is the state association for cities, towns and villages of Florida.

The League established its first insurance program in 1977 to provide workers’ compensation coverage and services to governmental entities. Early success of that program led to the establishment of Trusts for the liability, property and health lines of coverage. This firmly established the League as the leader of these services in Florida.