Command Joins the California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation

CCWC-graphicJanuary 13, 2017. Command is proud to announce that we have joined the California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation (CCWC). The CCWC works alongside state lawmakers and regulators to make positive change happen, and is known for spearheading some of the industry’s most significant reforms.

By joining the CCWC we are adding our voice to create a more balanced, efficient and stable workers’ compensation system in California. The CCWC’s successful advocacy is rooted in the strength of its members that in turn empower individuals to engage and make a difference.

Coalition members include businesses of all sizes from across the state of California, as well as trade associations and non-profit organizations. Through balanced reform the CCWC is building a just and impartial workers’ compensation system for employers, for employees and for California.

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