Command Investigations Reports FY 2014-2015 SIU & Anti-Fraud Department Achievements

March 8, 20Command Investigations Logo16. Lake Mary, Florida – Command Investigations, LLC is pleased to report their FY 2014-2015 SIU & Anti-Fraud Department results within the state of Florida.

Based upon the reporting data provided by the Florida Department of Financial Services and the Division of Insurance Fraud/Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Fraud 2016 Annual Report, Command Investigations is credited with the following statistics:

  • 23% of all claimant fraud arrests
  • 15% of all claimant convictions
  • 10% of all claimant ID theft arrests
  • 10% of all claimant ID theft convictions

As shown by the highlighted results above, the success of Command’s SIU & Anti-Fraud platform validates the proprietary investigative processes and methodologies that are employed daily by its investigators.

“We are very proud and humbled over the fact that Command accounts for nearly 25% of all employee claimant fraud arrests in the state of Florida.  These arrest and conviction statistics show that our SIU programming works and is the best available outsourced anti-fraud platform in the marketplace,” said Steve Cassell, President and CEO of Command Investigations.

“Equally important, we save money for our customers, who embrace and trust our services.  These SIU partnerships not only meet the necessary state statutory requirements but also enhance the cultural environment of fraud identification and reporting.  As with any service business, we must continually prove our worth with quantifiable metrics and show the return on investigative investment.  Based upon the performance demonstrated over the last twelve months, we could not be happier with the results our SIU Department has produced.  We are confident of the future and know our other SIU states will show positive results as well.”

Command’s comprehensive national SIU & Anti-Fraud program incorporates on-site personnel, in house SIU compliance training and dedicated relationships with state criminal investigators and prosecutors.  Command’s Restitution Management Program™ is responsible for more than $250,000 in restitution and millions in credited claim savings.


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Command Investigations, LLC is the preferred provider of Surveillance, SIU & Anti-Fraud programming to P&C Carriers, self-insured entities and third-party administrators. National cost containment solutions also include medical canvassing, background investigations, Claims Buzz™ and Claims Buzz Monitoring™ social media investigations.  For more information, please visit

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