Command Gathers for Annual Company Round-Up

round-up-2016November 17, 2016. Command Investigations’ employees gathered on Sunday, October 23rd for the company’s annual round-up at the Westgate River Ranch Resort in River Ranch, Florida. Nearly 100 people from Command’s locations in Florida, Georgia and California attended.

The day kicked off with Steve Cassell, President and CEO of Command Investigations, and Rich Perri, Executive Vice President of Command Investigations, addressing the crowd.

Cassell and Perri’s message was that outstanding service and excellence doesn’t happen without hard work, dedication, consistency and attention to detail. The status quo can change in the blink of an eye, so it is vitally important for employees to continually develop as people and professionals each and every day. Command is always looking toward the future, and it’s important to develop tomorrow’s leaders today.

Following Cassell and Perri’s message, attendees divided into 20 groups to tackle “The Amazing Race” portion of the day. This aspect of the event was designed for employees to meet others they may not directly work with every day, build team camaraderie, and work together to complete mental and physical challenges. The course was challenging, but everyone finished strong.

Then, Command moved into the awards section of the event to honor outstanding performers, dedicated employees, and those who have shown excellent attitude, integrity and skill. Command has always believed in recognizing outstanding employee achievement, and more than 40 individual awards were presented.

Employees drive the success of Command, and it’s imperative to bring everyone together to build synergy and prepare for the future.

A founding principle in Command’s mission statement is to “maintain a healthy, challenging, rewarding and fun work environment,” and the annual Command round-up went a long way in maintaining that goal.