Command Featured in Orlando Business Journal

An article featuring Command Investigations was published on the Orlando Business Journal’s website on July 23, 2018. The entire article is provided below:

East Coast, Mid-Atlantic expansions on tap for Command Investigations

By  and   –  Orlando Business Journal | July 23, 2018

Command Investigations LLC, which provides surveillance, special investigations unit and anti-fraud programming, has big growth plans coming up.

In fact, said CEO Steve Cassell, “in the next five years, we see Command’s growth radiating up the East Coast and into the Mid-Atlantic states.

Steve Cassell, CEO of Command Investigations
Steve Cassell, CEO of Command Investigations

And his strategy for accomplishing that is to focus on continuing to build “long-term strategic customer relationships predicated upon superior investigative, anti-fraud and business intelligence services.”

Command Investigations grew its revenue 56.5 percent last year to $9.5 million, up from $6.1 million in 2015. That earned it a spot on Orlando Business Journal’s 2018 Fast 50 list, which recognizes Central Florida’s 50 fastest-growing private companies headquartered in Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osceola counties. The firms were ranked based on their percentage of revenue growth from 2015-2017.

Here, Cassell tells more about his company and himself:

Market strategy: Always building

5 factors driving your company’s growth?

  1. Always providing the most comprehensive and timely investigative results available in the industry.
  2. Service is No. 1. Our culture is 100 percent customer-centric.
  3. Our growth is driven through managing our existing clientele base and always working to build and expand our new client relationships.
  4. Our team is made up of a unique group of individuals whose passion and commitment to investigative excellence is insatiable.
  5. We finish when the job is done and the client is satisfied beyond their expectations.

What scares you about growing your company so fast? Command has been on the hyper-growth curve for five plus years. We are experts of process management, scaling work-flows and technology integration. Our nimble and entrepreneurial culture maintains small working teams with laser focus on the details, results and overwhelming positive customer satisfaction experience.

What opportunities do you see developing in your industry and how do you plan to capitalize on them? Continuing to develop technology that will revolutionize investigative methods and concepts. These emerging technologies will heavily impact the claims community and create a paradigm shift in how investigations are conducted.

Have you been able to hire enough qualified workers to keep up with the company’s growth? Yes, but this is always a focused and continued effort. We are always recruiting…always!

What strategies do you use? During the hiring process, we use multiple sources to identify the best candidates for employment. We seek candidates with military, cyber, intelligence, law-enforcement and investigative backgrounds. Each candidate is fully vetted through a complete background search and multiple panel interviews.

What might slow the growth of your company? We realize that nothing is guaranteed and each day we have to work harder than our competition to sustain our growth.

What question would you ask next year’s Fast 50? I’d ask: What is your start-up story for your company?

Key accomplishments in the past 12 months: Being recognized by multiple industry and state organizations as top performers within our industry. Continuing to work with the same customers from 15 years ago, as they still look at Command as the best-in-class investigative company.

Most difficult challenges in the past 12 months and what you learned from them? Geniuses keep things simple, and it is very easy to overcomplicate things.

What historical figure had the most influence on your leadership style? Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Empower the finest people to execute their jobs and support them with leadership and vision.

What would be the title of the movie about you and who plays you in the lead role? “The A students end up working for the C students,” starring a shorter Sean Penn

What would your career be if you were not doing this? United States military

Peanut butter: Crunchy or creamy?  Crunchy

Favorite way to treat yourself? Spending a long day in a tree-stand, hunting.

The riskiest thing I’ve done in my personal life: I quit my job, got married and started my company all at the same time.

If you could be totally wild, you would …?  Take an adventurous hunting trip in Alaska

If you were a tree, what type would you be?  A prickly pear