SUNZ Insurance Company Announces Marked Successes with New SIU & Anti-Fraud Program

May 29, 2013.  Orlando, Florida – SUNZ Insurance Company is pleased to report many successes during the first three months of their newly adopted SIU & Anti-Fraud program with Command Investigations, LLC.

“The renewed relationship with Command Investigations has gotten off to a wonderful start.  Our First Quarter 2013 Performance Audit was proof that the partnership synergies between SUNZ, its TPA, CorVel Corporation (NASDAQ: CRVL) and Command Investigations are clearly paying off with positive results.   Our initial audit results showed SIU claim savings to exceed six figures.  In addition, five criminal cases and one criminal arrest warrant have been issued by the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF) as a result of our SIU efforts during this period.  These results have exceeded our best expectations; I look forward to the continued success of our combined effort,” stated Glen J. Distefano, Chief Operations Officer of SUNZ Insurance Company.

SUNZ Insurance contracted with Command Investigations, LLC in January 2013 to provide all compliance, regulatory, investigative and SIU & Anti-Fraud services on a national scale.  Command’s SIU Department is fully staffed with experienced and licensed Investigators who analyze and review claims to determine any suspect or fraudulent activities.  Consequently, a very close working relationship exists between SUNZ, CorVel and Command Investigations to successfully identify, investigate and report such claims.

Steve Cassell, President and CEO, Command Investigations stated, “We are incredibly pleased with the initial audit results and the rollout of SUNZ Insurance Company’s SIU program.   The real credit should be directed to the SUNZ and CorVel claims and management staff who enthusiastically embraced the SIU program.  They have worked diligently to identify and report suspect claims to the SIU Department.  Without their active and eager participation, our results would be greatly diminished.  A culture of fraud awareness is truly on the rise.” 

About SUNZ Insurance Company

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Command Investigations, LLC is the preferred provider of Surveillance, SIU and Anti-Fraud programming to P&C Carriers, self-insured entities and third-party administrators.  National cost containment solutions also include Claims Buzz™ social media investigations, background checks and investigative canvasses, all backed by Command’s Guaranteed Service Program™.  Information can be found at