iNQuest™ Medical Canvasses

iNQuest medical canvassesCommand Investigations – Your National Preferred Provider

iNQuest™ investigative medical canvasses are complex examinations requiring vetted and proven investigative methodologies that should consistently deliver comprehensive, fast and reliable results. Canvasses are routinely employed in an effort to identify any pre-existing claimant injuries that pre-date the date of loss.

Our iNQuest™ canvasses provide you with a comprehensive understanding of a claimant’s past medical treatment history. The following differentiators make Command your clear choice:

  • All iNQuest™ canvasses are conducted by licensed investigators
  • Guaranteed Services Program™ – Every canvass is completed in 5 business days or less
  • 100% accurate identification of all facilities
  • Subject’s past addresses are cross-referenced
  • Any ‘no-hit’ response triggers a follow-up inquiry
  • Easy-to-read reports are formatted in a color coded grid
  • You receive notification of affirmative ‘hits’ to facilitate the record retrieval process
  • We offer national coverage with competitive pricing

Command Isn’t Your Traditional Vendor

Only Command uses dedicated in-house licensed background investigators to conduct canvasses of a variety of facilities. The following investigative medical canvasses are routinely conducted:

  • Hospital
  • Pharmacy
  • Clinic
  • Chiropractic
  • Orthopedic
  • Diagnostic/MRI


“Great work on your last medical canvass! With your help, we were able to establish that a claimant had a pre-existing condition and it enabled us to deny our claim in its entirety. This mitigated our exposure immensely!”

M. Wright, Claim Consultant, CCMSI

“The level of professionalism and expertise that the staff at Command Investigations, LLC, provides is invaluable to my investigative efforts and defense against insurance fraud. Each medical canvass assignment is completed and provided timely. Additionally, the details provided in each report have allowed me to adjust and adapt my investigative approach when needed.”

N. Summers, Senior Claims Adjuster, Commercial Risk Management

“I just want to tell you how great it is working with Command. I really appreciate that your service is so quick and you always make sure you get me exactly what I need. I love doing business with you guys. Keep up the great work!”

J. Bowling, Senior Lost Time Adjuster, PGCS Claim Services

“Command Investigations has consistently provided prompt, reliable and effective services to my team, consistently ensuring client expectations are surpassed.”

W. Dove, Director of Asset Protection, AT&T

“Command is without a doubt the most responsive and accommodating vendor for investigational services. The quality of the background checks, social media reviews and medical canvasses leaves no stone unturned. The surveillance teams provide real time updates allowing the best use of this vital tool. They are a partner in the investigational process. Thank you for all you do.”

D. Bradley, Specialist, WC Claims, Crum & Forster