Command Hosts National Managers Retreat

November 16, 2016. On Thursday, October 20th, Command Investigations gathered their entire management team spanning from Florida to California for an off-site retreat in Lake Mary, Florida.

Working with a robust schedule, internal department meetings dominated the morning hours, with a smooth transition into our afternoon agenda featuring several guest VIP speakers.

The day began with managers discussing key areas within their departments.

Command’s Operations Department shared that our investigators are currently achieving a video success rate that is +35% higher than the industry standard.  This translates to more than 5,000 hours of video per month.  In addition, Command’s time-service continues to lead the industry with the fastest known turnaround and completion times in the marketplace.

Our Cyber and Background Investigations Department continues to set industry benchmarks. Social media investigations and medical canvassing have been enhanced by new technology that Command has implemented into investigative work-flows.  Data integrity, investigative comprehensiveness and time-service remain core components of our foundation.

As reported by the Florida Department of Financial Services, during the last fiscal year Command’s SIU department was responsible for 23% of all claimant fraud arrests.  This is more than any other investigative company in the state.  Our SIU Department remains a leader within the anti-fraud community.

During the afternoon session, Command was honored with VIP speakers from Zenith Insurance and Crum & Forster Insurance.  Although our guests planned their speeches independently, their messages were very similar…”Customer service is key and remains the most important part of your business.”  Both speakers agreed that service triumphs results.  Honesty and transparency are uncompromising and lay the foundation in creating successful business relationships.

These messages were not lost on the Command staff, as one of our founding principles is to “consistently deliver the best service coupled with the finest results.”  It is gratifying and reassuring to hear such a vital message from these respected leaders within the claims community.

The day was closed by Zack Harrison with Northern Red Training.  Harrison is a former Green Beret who served with the 3rd Special Forces Group until becoming a member of 1st SFOD-Delta, better known as Delta Force.  During his 10-year career, Harrison served in Afghanistan and Iraq, earning an Army Commendation Medal, a Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts.

Harrison spoke to a mesmerized audience for nearly two hours.  Harrison’s core message focused on how to be an effective leader, what human qualities are associated to such people and how to maximize human performance to the highest of levels.

All theories and topics that Harrison covered were coupled with real-life examples of successes and failures.  He stressed it isn’t always about what to think, but how to think. To be an effective leader you need to be fair, consistent, firm and compassionate.  Leadership is a learned and built skill that remains flexible depending upon the situation.  Harrison stressed that “leadership must be practiced with an uncompromising passion.”

Harrison closed with a theory called The Loyalty Chain.  This concept focuses on organizing people in your life into a hierarchy based on order of importance.  The individual in the number one spot is the most important person in your life.  All others are then accordingly ranked based upon their importance to you.  The real process lies in the reflection of how you build your list, and why certain people rank where they do.

Discussions of loyalty, trust, family, God and love were all part of a process of placing others ahead of you, and always doing what is best for them.  A powerful message that our team still discusses.

Our day ended after nearly 13 hours of discussion and reflection.  It was clear to us all just how lucky we are to be part of such a wonderful industry that allows each of us to pursue our passion for investigations.

Our day was closed with the following message:

“Our job as leaders is to mentor our younger teammates and ensure the success of every person at Command.  We must always work harder than everyone else and never compromise on providing the best service and results known to the industry.  Most importantly, we must remember our past achievements quickly grow stale and that we must always remain hungry and impassioned to be the BEST!”

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