CONVICTED for Insurance Fraud (Jason Hogan)

Packard Jason Hogan Booking Photo.png

April 24, 2015. Command Investigations, Packard Claims and Lion Insurance Company announce the conviction of Jason Hogan for insurance fraud.

Hogan was convicted of insurance fraud on April 14, 2015 and was sentenced to 45 days in prison with one day credited. No restitution was ordered because the insured settled with the claimant.

Command Investigations, serving as the SIU Department of Packard Claims and Lion Insurance Company, initiated an investigation on Jason Hogan after he obtained fractures to his right and left thumbs on a jobsite and testified he obtained an additional ankle injury that couldn’t be prevented because of his initial workers’ compensation injuries. According to medical records, Hogan misrepresented the cause of his ankle fracture. Based on the evidence collected and his misrepresentation, a referral was submitted to the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF) as statutorily required.

Consequently, DIF issued an arrest warrant, and on July 8, 2014, Jason Hogan was arrested in Leon County, Florida, in violation of F.S. 817.234 11A – Fraud Insurance of less than $20k and F.S. 812.014 2C3 – Grand Theft of $10k or more and less than $20k.

Ultimately, Hogan was convicted and plead guilty to the charges.

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