Command & SUNZ Insurance Announce Insurance Fraud Arrest

CorVel Mug Shot MunozAugust 15, 2013. Orlando, FL –  Jose Munoz was arrested in Duval County, Florida after a complex and lengthy anti-fraud investigation conducted by SUNZ’s SIU Department, Command Investigations, LLC.

Jose Munoz was arrested on July 30, 2013 on three charges which include violating F.S. 440.105(4)(B)2 – Workers’ Compensation Fraud, F.S. 440.105(4)(B)(9) – Use of False ID for a Workers’ Compensation Claim and F.S. 817.568(2) – Fraudulent Use of Personal Identification Information.

A warrant was issued out of Duval County on April 17, 2013, and for several months, Munoz was able to evade arrest. To aid in the apprehension of Munoz, Command Investigations was requested to assist in locating this person.  These efforts began with an in depth locate investigation and culminated with surveillance, which ultimately ascertained the exact location for Munoz.  With this information, DIF Detectives were notified and facilitated the arrest. Munoz was arrested without incident and transported to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Department of Corrections in lieu of $75,000.00 bail.

“SUNZ will not tolerate fraud and will investigate every instance as statutorily required,” stated Glen Distefano, Chief Operations Officer with SUNZ Insurance.  “This has been a combined effort between SUNZ, CorVel Corporation and Command Investigations along with the Detectives from the Department of Financial Services, Division of Insurance Fraud.”

Munoz’s claim initiated in 2012 when he suffered an alleged work related injury and then following treatment, Munoz refused to return to work. Munoz reported that he could not work or go outside due to light sensitivity. Surveillance efforts documented Munoz working for a roofing company while collecting Workers’ Compensation benefits. Furthermore, a background investigation revealed Munoz utilized a fraudulent social security number in the furtherance of the claim. In January 2013, this claim was submitted to the SUNZ SIU Department and was subsequently referred to the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF) in March of 2013. Following DIF’s investigation, an arrest warrant was issued, which ultimately resulted in Munoz’ arrest.

Munoz utilized a social security number, which belonged to a female from California who is now a cooperating witness on this case.

Steve Cassell, President and CEO of Command Investigations stated, “Our SIU & Anti-Fraud Department and Special Investigators are relentless in the pursuit of fraud.”

All parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty