CEU Titled “Surveillance: Advanced Strategies with Social Media” presented to TriNet

November 17, 2014.  Command Investigations presents our newest CEU titled, “Surveillance: Advanced Strategies with Social Media.”  This continuing education class was attended by the team from TriNet.

This new and exciting two-hour Adjuster Optional CEU discusses investigative strategies using social media as a pre-investigative tool that best ensures positive surveillance results. The course includes in-depth discussions regarding social media trends, history, demographic statistics, privacy issues and privacy expectations.

With more than approximately 80% of 18 to 49-year-old persons engaged in social media, the insurance claims community routinely investigates this medium to better educate themselves regarding the specific activities of their claimants.

This course highlights and discusses social media history, trends, investigative methodologies, privacy issues, applicable case law, evidentiary discovery rules and pretexting. This information provides an educational guideline on how to properly utilize these investigative results to best impact the future use of surveillance.