Arrested–Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Moncada Mug shot (packard) framedSeptember 9, 2013. Brevard County, Florida – Narciso Moncada was arrested in Brevard County as a result of an anti-fraud investigation conducted by Packard Claims’ SIU Department.

Narciso Moncada was arrested September 1, 2013 and charged on three felony counts which included: one count of 440.105.4.B.9 Workers’ Compensation Fraud-False ID and two counts of F.S. 817.568.2 Fraudulent use of Personal ID info W.O. Consent. 

“The Workers’ Compensation arrest of Moncada was a result of a thorough and thoughtful investigation conducted by our SIU Department.  We are committed to investigate suspect claims and report such claims to the Division of Insurance of Fraud,” stated Stephanie Wallace, Claims Manager for Packard Claims.

During a routine claim review, it was determined that the claimant was utilizing an invalid social security number. The social security number Moncada was using was issued in Arizona to another male in 1977.  Upon a thorough SIU investigation, the claim was referred to the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF).  Moncada was ultimately arrested and charged with three felony counts of fraud.  Moncada is currently in jail in lieu of $6,000 bail.

Steve Cassell, President and CEO of Command Investigations stated, “The combined efforts of the staff within Packard Claims and the anti-fraud efforts of Command Investigations’ SIU Department truly exemplify the team work involved in the statutory reporting process.”

“All parties are innocent until proven guilty”