Arrest Warrant Issued for Andres Banos

December 22, 2016. Command Investigations, Packard Claims Administration and Lion Insurance Company announce that an arrest warrant has been issued for Andres Banos in Escambia County, Florida.

As Packard Claims’ SIU Department, Command Investigations initiated an investigation on Andres Banos after he suffered an alleged work-related accident.

Command’s Claims Data Verification Program™ (CDVP™) determined that Banos provided a suspect Social Security Number for the purpose of obtaining insurance benefits. The SSN provided by Banos was issued to an individual in Arizona in 1990.

The supporting evidence was gathered and presented to the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF) which clearly articulated these suspicions.

DIF evaluated the fraud referral from Command and ultimately issued an arrest warrant for Andres Banos for insurance fraud.

All parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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