Command Investigations Presents Annual SIU Training to Johns Eastern Personnel from Throughout Florida

Command Investigations presents annual SIU training to Johns Eastern CompanyMay 5, 2017. On Wednesday, May 3rd, Command Investigations presented its annual SIU & Anti-Fraud Training to nearly 70 Johns Eastern Company employees from throughout the state of Florida.

As part of Johns Eastern’s state-compliant SIU program, approved anti-fraud training is conducted annually. Major areas of focus include fraud identification, current fraud trends and fraud schemes, automatic SIU referral triggers, and the necessary steps required to complete a fraud referral. In addition, all SIU training is CEU accredited.

A variety of highly interactive video examples were shown throughout the presentation to help demonstrate the various concepts. Johns Eastern case studies were also included, showcasing several of the 16 criminal fraud cases currently open with the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF).

As the exclusive SIU provider for Johns Eastern, Command Investigations provides a senior on-site SIU resource to their offices. This dedicated fraud expert assists the Johns Eastern staff in qualifying potential SIU referrals and delivers real time guidance for all compliance matters.

Johns Eastern logoSince 1946, Johns Eastern has solved thousands of risk-related claims problems, yet one thing remains constant – their pledge to serve their clients with the utmost integrity, experience and results. Company founder Corydon Johns began his venture by building solid relationships with his clients. That approach remains paramount to Johns Eastern and has allowed them to grow and thrive throughout the years.

Command Investigations, LLC is the preferred provider of surveillance, SIU & anti-fraud programming, Claims Buzz™ social media investigations and monthly monitoring, iNQuest™ medical canvasses and background investigations to the insurance defense community.